Pretties (Book 2 in the Uglies series)

“Everyone in the world was programmed by the place they were born, hemmed in by their beliefs, but you had to at least try to grow your own brain.”- Scott Westerfeld (Pretties)

Pretties is book 2 of the Uglies series written by Scott Westerfeld.  (Find out more about Uglies through my blogpost here.)

I found this book entertaining although not terrible emotionally or intellectually dense.  However, it’s a fun read and is a great story  full of creative ideas about what a dystopian society might look like.  It’s a young adult book and something that I think teenagers who are into sci-fi (and adults who love YA or teen sci-fi!) would be really into.

Pretties start out with Tally Youngblood, our heroine from the Uglies, having had the operation to turn “pretty” and now living in Prettytown.  It seems she has no memory of her life before the operation and the new pretty Tally isn’t concerned about her friend Shay, whom she decided to become Pretty in order to save.  She also doesn’t seem concerned about or even able to remember clearly her time in the Smoke and her friends there.  This is because the operation to turn Pretty also causes brain lesions which makes Pretties sort of vapid and easy to control.  As a result, Tally’s main concerns now seem to be partying, breaking into a new clique, (the Crims),  and deciding what to wear to the next party and how to cure her hangover. Read the rest of this entry »


Uglies! (January book club book)

Uglies is the book we decided to read for the Adult Young Adult Book Club in January.  We decided on a dystopia theme for January and compared Uglies to The Giver (which I did not get around to).  It’s a young adult book and is the first of a series  known as the Uglies or Pretties series.  It follows Tally Youngblood who lives in a futuristic society where people have an operation to become “pretty” when they turn 16.  Between the ages of 12 and 16 a person lives in a dorm along with other “uglies” while they wait for the operation.

The idea behind the operation is to equalize everyone so there are no more disagreements because people look different.  However, the operation has a side affect that could be very controversial if found out… (I won’t spoil the surprise toward the end of the book!).  Not everyone in this society is so happy about becoming pretty though and some people decide to escape and create their own society away from the cities.  The people who live outside the cities have never had the operation so they actually age and are “ugly.”  The first time Tally travels to this place, she is horrified to see someone who has actually aged and looks 40. The horror! Read the rest of this entry »