Oblivion by David Foster Wallace

This work is also very aptly named, being titled “Oblivion.”   The stories portray the vastness and the in-between feeling, the distraction and the void of oblivion.  I suppose it’s not a place my mind really likes to dwell.  While I think the writer’s mind is brilliant, I did not like this book.  This is very unusual for me as I feel I can read and appreciate a wide variety of literature.  I especially love short stories so it was very surprising to come across a collection of short stories that I didn’t enjoy.

Oblivion was a very frustrating read for me.  The writer has an interesting approach to writing that is not the traditional beginning, middle, and end to a story that we look for.  There is no cohesive narrative in these works.  His writing style is instead arranged in the way that thinking actually occurs.  Rather than being presented with a story, it seems that a story is vaguely happening but what we are really being involved in is the characters thoughts while the event is unfolding, which may have nothing to do with the actual event occurring.  Sentences can be pages and pages long while paragraphs are almost unheard of.  While reading these stories I found myself  lost in the character’s thoughts rather than being  involved in the event itself. Read the rest of this entry »